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  • 2007-07-25 (Wed)
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Hello blog viewers! How are you today? I hope all of you are doing a great job. By the way, do you know tricycle? This is one form of Philippine transportation which is very accessible to nearby markets and schools. Fare is P6-P10 depends on the distance where you will going to. Unlike jeepney, that there is a fare categorization followed such as P5(students), P5(senior citizen), P7(adult & non-student). And of course, tricycles park at the places where people stop and goes. In short, busy streets and just wait for their turn, after the other. Have you tried to ride in a tricycle?

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  • 2007-07-24 (Tue)
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Have a nice day blog viewers! How are you today? By the way, a lot of us had been gone to a hospital for the safety of our health. And one of the facility that the hospital provided for easy convenience is the elevator. But the special thing to this elevator if you notice is the garbage can. This is very common to every hospital in the Philippines. This is the way of being aware of cleanliness thus many practice this putting of garbage can near the elevator . It gives a simple prospect where to put their garbage. They are not using just any ordinary plastic in it. It is one of the odor proof plastic, traps the odor. You can also practice this at home. Do you have this also in your place?

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Castle House

  • 2007-07-21 (Sat)
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Have a nice day blog viewers! How are you today? By the way, this is the famous house, this structure is a castle house, can be found in Bacolod City and this is located in southern area of Bacolod. The structure was based on medieval settings. Many places here in the province have got this structure. By the way, how do you find this house? This house is good to accomodate big family… just like us, a very pleasant place to stay with. Have a nice day!


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