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the home & childcare module

  • 2007-08-30 (Thu)
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Have a pleasant day blog viewers! How are you today? By the way, this is the last day of the module where all the students celebrated the children’s party. Why children’s party, because this module is known as the home & childcare module. Children were invited to participate in the program. It includes the different games with participation of the students and guardians. This is the day where all have fun from this module. Hurrah! Yehey! the sounds I heard from all of them. They had great time enjoying the children’s party.

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eggplant relay game

  • 2007-08-27 (Mon)
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こんにちは!今日の写真は如何ですか?これは”eggplant relay game”です。6人から8人で1つのチームをつくります。それぞれなすびを腰からぶら下げ、それを使って床にあるコインを決められた場所まで動かします。そこまで来れば、コインを拾って元の場所に帰ります。その繰り返しです。一番先に終わったチームが勝ちます。

Have a pleasant day blog viewers! What have you seen on the picture I posted? This called an”eggplant relay game”. This game composed of players in a team with at least 6-8 players. Each group should have the following: an eggplant, thread and coin. The mechanics of the game is very simple. First, the player should tie the eggplant around his waist, then the coin is constantly on the floor. While moving forward to the bottom line he/ she using the eggplant to move the coin also going to the bottom line. When he reaches the bottom line, then this is the time to untie the eggplant and get the coin,then immediately run towards his/her group and he will pass this to the second player. Then same thing will do by the second player. Until all players done. The first team who could accomplish will be the winner.

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  • 2007-08-21 (Tue)
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Have a good day blog viewers! How are you today? This day is a time to be with your family. And a little fun may do if you will do this game I will introduce to you. This game is called “baggle”. A set of two teams consist at least 6-8players per team. At the bottom of the line there is the pair of slipper that everytime when they reach the bottom line, the players will nod their head a little for the purpose that the other one slipper on their head will fall and touching the slipper under.Just a reminder if the slipper will fall in the middle of the line, the player will go back in the starting line and initiate the game again. One leg only is moving while initiating the game. This is a tiresome kind of game. Don’t you think so?


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