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  • 2007-04-30 (Mon)
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Good evening blog viewers! How are you today? I hope all of you are doing good. Which is beautiful, the white sand of the beach or the girl standing wearing her swimsuit? Lucky is the guy going out with this girl, don’t you think so? You will have great time swimming with a beautiful girl on the exclusive beach. Do you know what beach is this? I hope you know!!! I encourage you to spend your summer here in Philippines with beautiful ladies wearing two piece or swim wear like her. Have fun guys!!!

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  • 2007-04-29 (Sun)
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How’s your day blog viewers! Have you gone to the beach? If not yet try to spend your time and bring your family to the beach. You can please them for their relaxation and enjoyment . Just like the three of them, they felt great this summer coz’ they enjoyed a lot. They are pretty don’t you think so? Who’s your beat? I can call them “the little mermaids” of the resort, however they don’t have the body of the fish. Just kidding but I found them cute. Don’t you think so?

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Have a pleasant day to all blog viewers! How’s your day? I hope all of you are having fun with your family because its weekend. By the way, shades or sunglass is one gadget of which most filipino likes most especially this summer. To protect their eyes from the sunshine, they uses this one. There are shades that is cheap and also expensive, it depends on the brand. You can buy imitation shades for only P100, and for the branded one from P1000 to P5000.By the way, what brand do you know that is very expensive? Are you wearing it also? I hope you are looking good wearing it.

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