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Maging Sino Ka Man

  • 2007-11-30 (Fri)
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こんにちは!元気ですか?彼女たちは、私の友達です。彼女達モデルになりたいと思ってます...現実にではなく、夢見ています。彼女達女優になれるポテンシャルがあると思います。二人の役は、主役とそのライバルです。特にその話は、男性に関わる話だと思います。ドラマのタイトルは” Maging Sino Ka Man”???

Hello blog viewers! Have a pleasant day to all of you! These two ladies are friends of mine. They believe that they could be models someday… not on reality but on their dreams, hehehe! I think they have the potentials to become an actress. The role of the two is antagonist and protagonist…particularly the story must be full of obsession to a man which looks like Adonis. The title would be, ” Maging Sino Ka Man”.

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  • 2007-11-28 (Wed)
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Hello blog viewers! How are you there? These are ladies of the present! Having a long hair and a little make up on their faces. Night out is what they like especially during weekdays. Of course, they also want to relax themselves. During weekend is the only time where they can escape from office job. A very tiresome experience when you are in office. They thought a very easy job because before they thought your just sitting down on the table doing paper works. But all of this mistaken, working in the office is not easy. Have a geat time doing your job!!!

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  • 2007-11-26 (Mon)
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Hello blog viewers! How are you there? I hope all of you are doing fine. By the way, these are the chef cook of the class. They were all prepared for their dish to cook. if you are a cook, of course there is also rules and regulations to follow. One must have a complete uniform to avoid contamination of dirt to the food being cook. And the most important is that no wearing of jewelries while cooking. These are only two pointers I want to share to you ,of course there are still many.I hope you are doing the right thing.

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