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Filipina’s beauty…

Hi to all blog viewers! I hope all of you are doing fine. I’ve been here in Canada almost 3 years and seen different faces of various race. Still a filipina’s beauty is unique, it’s simplicity and the charm really attracted the most to men. I considered this much, what do you think?

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kuyanori 12-05-27 (Sun) 19:51

hi,leonor.how are you?I think so.by the way,this month,I went to philippine,I went to manila and davao,davao is very beautiful place,someday I want to retirement my job,and stay philippine

Kirin 12-05-31 (Thu) 3:44

Hi, Leonor! very long time no messages…
Yes, I agree with you. Filipinas are very nice to me, beauty both in looking and heart.

Home > Filipina > Filipina’s beauty…


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