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In ferry boat 3

There we only watching guys dancing. They groove in the dancefloor . Some guys tried to approach us and want us to dance with them but they lost.Me and my sister was happy watching them coz they show their best to us “impress effect”.But then still worthless coz we don’t like dancing, we like singing!

Other guys was drinking beer and its just normal.Maybe they just want to be relax…coz after it they can rest well…

Travel in a ferry boat is exciting and you have fun!!!

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In ferry boat 2

  • 2005-09-26 (Mon)
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If you are hungry and you want something to eat…canteen is ready to serve you!No need to bring your own “baon” called packedlunch. I think they have good service…

Again if you are sleepy and you want to take a rest …bed is ready but self service.You have to get what you needed in the beddings counter.Anytime and anything you may do while in bed.

Me and my sister just talking and after that long conversation we went again to 2nd level of the boat coz over there karaoke to,disco to and barfine can be located.

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In ferry boat 1

  • 2005-09-25 (Sun)
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During my trip in ferry boat going back to Bacolod I had a nice time together with my sister. We are not bored because we enjoyed…karaoke to,disco to,and fine bar aru.Eventhough its a long travel you can”t feel tiredness. You can relax …you can meet new friends! You can sing if you have the talent in singing.You can dance if you want to move your body.You are free to do what you want just to enjoy yourself.

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