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  • 2007-02-28 (Wed)
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Hello Blog viewers how was your day? Is it okey? This picture sure has a surprise when taking her picture. She is one of the outstanding employee of PLDT here in Negros Occidental Branch. Her job is to follow up all the neccessary data in order to keep the operation from slowing down. She is responsible for all the assurance of every transaction of PLDT. Do you know also an employee that is like her? if ever you know someone that would me a coinsidence. Have a nice reading to all.

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Telepwede Card

  • 2007-02-27 (Tue)
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こんばんは!PLDT Telepwedeを知っていますか?これはPLDTの最新の商品です。もし貴方が固定電話を申し込むなら、115ペソだけ必要です。電話を受けるだけなら115ペソ大変安いと思いますが?電話をかけたければ30、60、115ペソのロードを買います。これで、電話がかけられます。1ペソでアンリミテッドでPLDTライン同士なら通話出来ます。Telepwede Card 良いですよ!!!

Good evening blog viewers! How’s your evening. Do you noticed the streamer of PLDT telepwede. This is the newest sales of pldt, the telepwede card. If you subscribe the telephone line telepwede card, your expense is only P115, this is part of OFW MSI Acquisition Program. This is very affordable to everyone whether you are an unemployed or self-employed subscriber. P115 is already your load for incoming calls, and if you do to call outgoing just buy additional load of 30, 60, or 115 lthe availabe load you can buy for your outgoing calls.. P1 unlimited per call, but remember this is for pldt landline to pldt lines only. Enjoy calling using the telepwede card!!!

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  • 2007-02-26 (Mon)
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Good evening blog viewers! How is your first of work? By the way, being with friends are good. Someone you can trust and you can rely on. Even through bad times and good times…like with them. They are bond to be more of good friends and share life’s story. What about you?Do you have a friend also like her?

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