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  • 2006-12-31 (Sun)
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こんにちは!元気ですか?多分皆さんはニューイヤーイブで忙しいでしょうね?良いお年でありますように。この女の人を覚えていますか?クリスマスパーティーのスターです。彼女のアクセサリーはユニークです。最初のクリスマスパーティーではLike a virgin を踊りました。出席した人は彼女のジョークを楽しみました。彼女のような事が出来ますか?


Good afternoon blog viewers! How are you today? Maybe a lot of you are busy tonight waiting for the New Year’s Eve! May you have fruitful years to come. By the way, do you remember this lady? She was the star of the night during our Christmas Party, why? because she had the unique accessories she’s wearing. How do you find her? She performed on our 1st Christmas party, like a virgin…You know you will enjoy with her company coz’ she’s a joker. How about you? Can you make me to smile like what she’s doing? Have a blessed New Year to all! Yoroshiku Oneggaishimasu!

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Baloon Popping

  • 2006-12-30 (Sat)
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こんにちは!バルーン ポッピングというゲームをした事がありますか?簡単で楽しいゲームです。パーティーの間中、遊べます。割ったときの爆竹のような音に驚くでしょう。新年に私は妹とこのゲームをまたやろうと思います。


Good afternoon blog viewers and advance happy new year to all of you!!!.Have you played a game called Balloon popping? This is a very simple yet very enjoyable game. It is also played during party, you can have many participants as many as you want. You will be surprised on what you hear, the balloon sounds like firecrackers when it pops. I plan that this coming new year, me and my little sisters will play this game. Again, have a blessed New Year!!!v May you have a whole year of happiness…

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Eggplant Smashing

  • 2006-12-29 (Fri)
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Have a pleasant evening blog viewers! How are you today? 2 days more to go and New Year is approaching. Will you be happy to celebrate it? Well, here in our Christmas party a lot of games was prepared and many of them participated. Here is the eggplant smashing, one of the most unusual games during any party… Unusual because the eggplant is being smashed right to the very soft texture there is. Many enjoyed this games but others put malice into it and it has a diffrent meaning to them. You now what I mean. But let’s exclude that topic, what is important is you enjoy on what you do,
and you don’t hurt anybody. Have you seen a game like this?

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