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Rachelle Ann Go

  • 2007-07-06 (Fri)
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こんばんは!元気ですか?Rachelle Ann Goを知っていますか?彼女は歌手です。Search For A Starで優勝しました。彼女は歌手としてよく知られています。また、Sarah Geronimoとよく比較されます。彼女は2005年から有名になりました。彼女は4枚のアルバムがあります。このコンサートのスペシャルゲストです。彼女は最新のアルバムの曲を歌いました。彼女のラブライフも有名です。彼女のパフォーマンスはインパクトがありました。楽しい夜でした。

Have a good day blog viewers! I hope all of you are doing fine. By the way, have you heard also the name “Rachelle Ann Go” ? She is one of the Asia’s top young singers and performer. After winning in Search For A Star, she became a popular singer and her batchmate singer is Sarah Geronimo. She had her break last 2005 since then she had a lot of promotions and concerts. She had a 4album,topping the billboard and also had a career in acting. She was one of the special guest of the concert and also showed her talent. She sang all of her latest albums . Many young performers admire her talent in singing. Her lovelife became controversial also. Her performance gave a great impact to the audience and clapped with a loud applause. She made that night great!

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