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John Prats

  • 2007-07-05 (Thu)
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こんにちは!元気ですか?コンサートの続きです。誰が踊っているのか分りますか?The Prince of Danceで知られているABS?CBNのスターマジックタレントのメンバーです。ティーンエイジャーは彼のダンスが大好きです。また、ルックスも良いです。エネルギッシュなJohn Prats のステージです。彼が踊っている時に観客も踊っています。彼はフィリピン映画の俳優としても知られています。映画の出演に力を入れてます。No guts no glory!

Have a good day blog viewers! How are you today? This is the continuation of my blog about the concert. By the way, do you know who’s the guy dancing? Well, he is also one of the Star Magic talent of ABS-CBN. Known also as “The Prince of Dance”. Teenagers audience admired him most the way he dance but the same time his handsome look. Very energetic John Prats on the stage!Everyone moves while he is dancing, not only as dancer but also an actor of Philippine movie. He keeps on behaving, and starring in more movies and shows to prove that yes, it is not the height that counts, but the talent. No guts no glory!

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