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Rachelle Ann Go

  • 2007-07-06 (Fri) 21:17
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こんばんは!元気ですか?Rachelle Ann Goを知っていますか?彼女は歌手です。Search For A Starで優勝しました。彼女は歌手としてよく知られています。また、Sarah Geronimoとよく比較されます。彼女は2005年から有名になりました。彼女は4枚のアルバムがあります。このコンサートのスペシャルゲストです。彼女は最新のアルバムの曲を歌いました。彼女のラブライフも有名です。彼女のパフォーマンスはインパクトがありました。楽しい夜でした。

Have a good day blog viewers! I hope all of you are doing fine. By the way, have you heard also the name “Rachelle Ann Go” ? She is one of the Asia’s top young singers and performer. After winning in Search For A Star, she became a popular singer and her batchmate singer is Sarah Geronimo. She had her break last 2005 since then she had a lot of promotions and concerts. She had a 4album,topping the billboard and also had a career in acting. She was one of the special guest of the concert and also showed her talent. She sang all of her latest albums . Many young performers admire her talent in singing. Her lovelife became controversial also. Her performance gave a great impact to the audience and clapped with a loud applause. She made that night great!

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hiroaki 07-07-07 (Sat) 9:32

Mgandang umaga! Kumusta po kayo, Leonor. I’ve never heard the singer’s name before. But I will try to find some songs of her on the net, and listen to them. She must be angreat singer like Sarah. Maybe I tell you which one I like better. Have a good weekend!

Leonor 07-07-07 (Sat) 22:20

Good evening Hiroaki! I’m glad you like Filipino singers. I will wait for your judgment who’s better between Sarah and Rachelle. Have a nice weekend!

hiroaki 07-07-08 (Sun) 18:00

Hi, Leonor. Kumusta po kayo? How was your weekend? Did you enjoy it? Mine was O.K. I went out to have a drink with my friend, enjoyed it. This afternoon, I listened to several songs sung by Sarah and Rachelle. Tell you the truth, it’s so hard to tell which is better. Because I just listened only several songs sung by them and, in addition, both of them seem so talanted and charming. I think Sarah is so powerful and Rachelle is so sweet. Any way if each of them has a concert at the same time, I would like to go to Sarah’s. Because I think Sarah is more mature and skilled in singing. I can sense how hard and serious she practice singing. How do you think? By the way, thank you for replying to my comment lagi, I really appreciate.

Leonor 07-07-08 (Sun) 20:48

Hello hiroaki! Good evening!Yes that’s right, Sarah can sing well than Rachelle…more practiced than her. I hope that Sarah will have a concert here in our province. I will really watch. Have a nice day!

gypsy 07-12-31 (Mon) 1:43

hello Leonor. I was searching in googles to find blogs about Rachelle Ann Go until I opened this link. YEs, she’s a great singer for all of us her fans. If you don’t mind, we would like to ask your permission to allow us to post your blog on PEX (pinoyexchange.com) as our first featured “BloG of the Day”. For your concerns, if you have time, please do have a visit on her thread on rachellandia, just click this or copy paste it on your address internet browser: http://pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=315871&page=62

We are hoping and very honor to hear from you on this matter. Thank you and HAve a Blissfull New YEar!

By the way, Rachelle Ann’s friends used to call her “Shin-shin”

gypsy 07-12-31 (Mon) 13:01

hello again. I guess you’re quite busy with the new year eve celebration. WE are so excited to post your blog on Rachellandia that we can’t wait on your reply.I hope it’s okey for you to post this. Thank you so much Leonor.

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