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One stick of cigarette please…how about one pack? The vendor will say to himself unlucky coz 1 stick only…”sayang!”. Every year cigarettes increase its price don’t you think so??? Each jeepney passing to this area to load passengers almost drop by for a moment and buy cigarette. Why they use to smoke every 30 minutes??? How does it feel when smoking it? To release tiredness…to ease the tension in the nerves…I am curious to those persons smoking on one day about 1 pack they can take. In my whole life I never try to smoke…because i know from the start it is bad for the health. And don’t you know that cigarette is one of the largest element subjected to large payment of tax. But on the otherhand, it supports the livelihood of 50,000 filipinos.

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Home > Archives > 2006-04-09


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