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Good evening blog viewers! Once again, have a pleasant day! I hope all of you are doing fine. Do you want to be updated with Masskara Festival? Well, the highlight will be on October 19…And the most awaiting event is the Masskara Dance Contest. By the way, this picture shows that participants are excited and a little bit pressured of practicing. Before the contest, everyday they do a dance rehearsal so that when the day of the contest, they are prepared already and can relax…not tense and they can perform well of their dance. The participants join to this contest come from different barangays of the city. They join because they want to get the prize out from this contest. All participants that join to this contest ages from 15-25 yrs. old…whether you are ugly or beautiful, you can still join ,the face is not the basis that you be qualify for this contest. Open for everybody to have more fun!!!

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Home > Archives > 2006-10-11


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