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  • 2006-07-28 (Fri)
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ハロー!こんばんは!クラスメートと教室で誕生日を祝っています。クリンチャンの学校では、教育方法として、この様な事が最高であると考えています。この写真は、それを写しています。誕生日に、ケーキ、スパゲティー、ポーク バーベキューなど色々準備されます。このパティーは50人が参加しています。そして、その食事に満足しています。フィリピン人は生まれたときから死ぬまで誕生日をお祝いします。

Hello blog viewers! Good evening to all of you! I hope all of you are doing fine there. Why do some students celebrate their birthday in the classroom with their classmates??? In a christian school, it is best taught to the students to be generous and thoughtful. This picture is a representation of this practice. The usual food that being prepared on birthdays are cakes, spaghetti, pork barbeques, and etc. This party can accomodate to 50 people and they are satisfied with the food that was
prepared in table. Filipino celebrates their birthdays from the time they were born until the last day of their lives…


また黒板に 1895年 日清戦争 First Sino-Japanese War 1941年 太平洋戦争 WW?と書かれてますが、どういった事を教えているのか...

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  • 2006-07-27 (Thu)
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ハロー!こんばんは。この写真は、普段の学校の写真です。写真の中では、静かにテキストを読んでいる学生がいます。何人かは、授業の終わった後何をするか話をしてる学生もいます。この学校はバコロッドのセント ジョセフ ラサール スクールです。フィリピンでは、少し有名な学校です。

Hello blog viewers! Good evening to all of you. I hope all of you are doing fine. This is the usual school days of a typical high school class. In this picture, you can see that they are having a silent reading class. Some of these students doesn’t cooperate to the activity because they are having conversation with their fellow classmates on what they have to do after class. This school is one of the La Sallian Institution here in Bacolod named as St.Joseph’s School-La Salle. One of the highly respected school all over Philippines…

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  • 2006-07-26 (Wed)
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Hello blog viewers! Good evening to all of you! I hope all of you are doing fine. Are you in a hurry of buying something??? Here is the convenience store at your service. This is an establishment nearest to the residential area where everybody avail the 24/7 service. Star Mart, Select, Munterific and etc. are the following convenience store here in Bacolod City offers 24-hour service. You can buy goods and beverages at the same price on the grocery store. So if you are working late at night and you like to go out to buy something then don’t hesitate to buy in a convenient store!

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