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Sizzling Squid

  • 2006-07-24 (Mon)
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ハロー!こんばんは!じゅーじゅーと音を立てているイカはフィリピン人の好物の1つです。 熱くて、スパイシーです。これはインドがオリジナルです。いろいろな味付けがあります。ボラカイ、エルニドのような所のビーチのレストランでよく目にします。価格ははP280です。 それはワインを入れて料理されます…熱くてスパイシーなじゅーじゅーと音を立てているイカを味わって下さい!!!

Hello blog viewers! Good evening to all of you! I hope all of you are doing fine. Sizzling squid is one of the favorite dish of Filipinos. It’s hot and spicy that is adoptable to many Filipinos which they like a lot. This is originated from India. It has a lot of ingredients that make so deliciously hot and indifferent taste. Many of this can be seen in beach restaurant such as boracay, el nido resort, and other well-known resort of the country. Its fixed price is P280. It is cooked in different manner that
has a mixture of wine to add up the flavor…so better have a taste of this hot and spicy sizzling squid that can glow your mind off.

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