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  • 2007-07-15 (Sun) 11:40
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こんにちは!今日は土曜日です。天気は如何ですか?台風は大丈夫でしたか?フィリピンは今は良い天気です。ところでこの綺麗な人は、先生です。22歳です。ケアギーバーコースのナースの先生です。彼女のクラスの生徒からは、頭が良くて綺麗だと言われています。そう思いませんか?彼女は住んでいる場所でミス マナプラにも選ばれました。生徒が彼女に男性のタイプを質問しました。私より頭が良くて、背が高い人だそうです。もし貴方がその様な人であれば、彼女に申し込んでください!フィリピンに来て、彼女に会いましょう

Have a good day blog viewers! How are you today? Today is Saturday, how’s the weather over there? I hope not much affected by typhoon. Well, here in the Philippines, we are experiencing now a fine weather. By the way, this beautiful lady I posted for my comment is a teacher. She is 22 yrs of age, took up nursing, presently taking a review for license while teaching caregiver course. She has the brain and beauty they said from her previous classes. It’s obvious don’t you think so? She became the Miss Lin-ay of Manapla, a kind of pageant on her town. This is true, one time one of her student asked her about the type of guy he wanted to be her boyfriend, she answered, because I am a perfectionist woman, I like guys who is more intelligent than me, taller than me, and above all submissive to me.So you guys over there, if you are this kind of man, then lucky you are coz you can apply to her directly…by going here in the Philippines and look for her.


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hiroaki 07-07-16 (Mon) 1:18

Hi, Leonor. Magandang gabi.The typhoon was a quite strong one and I had power outage on Friday for several hours, and I had to put away the garbages scattered around my house on Sunday afternoon. Anyway, indeed, she looks young, beautiful and smart.But probably she hasn’t had rich experiences in loving somebody, if actually she said that. I hope she will experience a rich love soon and learn quickly what a real love is as probably she did when she studied at her nursing school. Mabuhay sa kagandahan at utak niya! ( Correct my tagalog any time you find errors.) Have a nice week.

Leonor 07-07-16 (Mon) 20:12

Hello hiroaki! The correct words is ” hanga ako sa kagandahan at katalinuhan niya”.. sounds more better diba!?Good evening to you by the way!

hiroaki 07-07-18 (Wed) 0:01

Magandang gabi, Leonor. Maraming salamat po sa ang “reply and correcting my poor tagalog.I checked the meanig with my dictionary. I couldn’t find the word katalinuhan but I guess it’s a noun for matalino, isn’t it?If it’s so, “hanga ako sa kagandahan at katalinuhan niya” should mean “I admire her beauty and brightness”. Am I right? If I’m right, I agree that your expression is more sophisticated and I like it much better. Arigato. Have a good day.

Leonor 07-07-19 (Thu) 19:14

Hello Hiroaki! The word matalino is a descriptive word for a person, in short an adjective. Your tagalog is good, and you can communicate well…it’s a good compliment to you. Keep it up!

hiroaki 07-07-19 (Thu) 23:31

Salamat po sa ang bola bola. But I’m sure I will keep on studying it.

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