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  • 2007-07-13 (Fri) 11:17
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Have a good day blog viewers! By the way,this is a picture of two young girls who love to go on country walks not most of the yuong people now a days is not into this kind of idea but this two still had the passion to go on country side walks. You can notice it by the back ground on the picture they are enjoying the view and also the tree, they pick up fruits while walking… They love to climb on trees. How about you? What hobby do you have?

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Ricky 07-07-15 (Sun) 7:15

My hobby is to pick up such aggressive and cute girls while walking drunkenly……
Just kidding.

Leonor 07-07-15 (Sun) 21:52

Aloha Ricky! How are you today? You had a nice weekend maybe coz you have a terrific hobby, don’t you? Hehehe!

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