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  • 2007-07-19 (Thu) 8:42
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Hello blog viewers! Have a nice day to all of you! I hope all of you are doing well now as the typhoon had just passed away. By the way, these two girls are smiling. There is something within that makes them to be happy. Nowadays, young girls like them easy to find crushes. It started that she like the person very much and it became her crush/ idol. Sometime this is really happened and its just normal. Don’t you think so? And often we had this in the note before : Who is your crush? This is true diba? Had you been into this stage? Have a nice day!

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Ricky 07-07-21 (Sat) 6:40

My crush?! Of course it’s you! Hehehe….Have a nice weekend.

Leonor 07-07-21 (Sat) 10:10

Hello Ricky! How are you? Have a nice weekend to you! Am I your crush? Hehehe! How nice if it is so…

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