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A Perfect Face just like a Perfect Christmas!!!!


Good day to all blog viewers! How are you doing there? I hope all of you are doing fine. By the way, it’s true that a perfect Christmas should match with a perfect one… Am I right? She is beautiful isn’t it? A face that can capture your attention the way she looks at you…Have a nice day to all!

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tama 08-12-29 (Mon) 19:52

Yes, She looks not so beautiful but seems very cute and good heart lady judging fm her face. I hope you had nice chrsitmas.

We Japanese do not celebrate Christmas so much because most of Japanese are not Christchian. However young people will celebrate it as most enjoyable day on this particular festive season.

In my house, we decorate samll chrstmas tree and eat nice and sweet cake on 12/25.

We , Japanese, rather celebrate new year very much , like chinese people. All the family gather and enjoy talking, eating.

I sincerely wish you a very happy new year.

By the way, I sent email to you abot my idea for visiting Bacolodo. Kindly give yr cellar fone number to me by yr eamil, so that I can contact you whikle I am in Bacolodo.

Usualy Japanese is very concervative and do not trust people so easily but i trsuyt you and wait for your kind reply.

leonor 08-12-30 (Tue) 20:01

Hello Tama, thank you once again of your comment. Well, you have a positive comment on her. I guess she’s like that what you had describe…

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