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Kick the ball!!!


Hello to all blog viewers! How are you doing there? I hope all of you are doing well. By the way, tomorrow is the last day of year 2008… I hope all you will have a prosperous New Year 2009! Greetings to all of you! Anyway, before the year ends still we are having fun..just like her playing with the ball is fun. I know next year she will do this again… have fun !!!

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tama 08-12-30 (Tue) 22:47

Tomorrow is last day of the year. We,Japanese, celebrate last day of year as special day. At nite we eat japanese noodle(soba) and try to forget all the bad thing and wellcome new year. Hope next year is proeperous year for you.

By the way, I do not bother you and decided to travel alone in Bacolodo. Thank you for your kind words.I sincerely hope my trip in bacolodo becomes most impressive and unforgettable in my life.

Thank you for your kindness.

Tama 08-12-30 (Tue) 22:53

Dear leonor

Sorry I did not check yr email. I thought you did not like to travel in Bacolodo. Pls forgive me my stupid comments. I will send reply to you by email.

Pls accept my sincere thanks for yr kindness

tama 08-12-30 (Tue) 23:15

Dear Miss Leonor

I replied to yr kind email. as soon as i chck-in hotel, I will contact you. I sincerely wish to make my trip to Bacolodo, most impressive and enjyable. It is my frist and last chance to visit Bacoldo. Thank you for yr kindness.

Anonymous 08-12-30 (Tue) 23:23

She is a beautiful girl, I think. Long time no posting, Leonor. Kumusta ka? And how was your Christmas? My Christmas? I am having my Christma today. My asawa asked me the same question just you ask in your mind? Bakit? “Because I have just got your Christmas card today.” It was so mabait. By the way, I am a Japanese, too. Have a happy new year. I am looking foward to viewing the one of the best blogs in the world in 2009. Maraming salamat po.

Leonor 08-12-31 (Wed) 23:37

Hello Tama! Thank you for posting your comment once again.. It’s my pleasure to guide you from my place… I assure you, you will enjoy your 1 day stay here.. By the way, we Filipinos get together as one family and celebrate the New Year’s Day by having a Family Reunion (reunited as one)…leaving behind the heartaches of year 2008…and reunited for the year 2009…

Leonor 08-12-31 (Wed) 23:48

Hello Anonymous! Thank you for posting your comment. My Christmas was eventually merrier than last year…We celebrated it with the whole family together with our relatives. We enjoyed truely. Happy New Year!

Tama 09-01-01 (Thu) 12:18

Dear Leonor

A happy new year to you and your family and i sincerely wish that 2009 will become prosperous year to you as well as your family.

Thank you for yr kindness and I really wish to enjoy trip in Bacolodo. I will conatct you upon checki-in the Hotel.

We Japanese, cerebrate first day of new year. We eat nice dishes and enjoy happy time with family. We go to shirine/temple to pray our happy life!

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