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Donuts for Everyday!!!


Good day to all blog viewers! How are you doing there? I hope all of you enjoy your holiday. By the way, Donuts, is great to eat any time of the day. It can be for breakfast along with a hot cup of milk or choco drink. You can take it as a dessert after dinner or lunch. During this time of Christmas, it’s a time for sharing and one sweet way of sharing is having a donut with someone special. Donuts symbolizes the sweetness and creativity of an individual. It comes in different size and shape but one thing in common, and that they are always sweet.

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tama 08-12-28 (Sun) 22:11

Yes, Donuts is nice and very popular also in japan. We, Japanese, also love donuts very much. In my house, my wife sometime cook sweet donuts.

By the way, I will stay in cebu for 1 month and wish to visit Bacolodo during my stay in cebu but i can not find any information where i should vist for tourist visiting. Could you kindly give idea.

I will firstly arrive at Iloilo, and then i will proceed to Bacolod and stay 1 nite in Bacolod. I do not have any freind in Bacolodo but wish to enjoy my trip to Bacolodo.

Tama 08-12-28 (Sun) 22:21

Dear Leonor

I wish to make city tour of bacolodo in a half day, but to my greta regret, I do not have any freind living in bacolodo. Could you kindly introduce kind and good freind for me ?

Your kind reply is very much appreciated.

kirin 08-12-29 (Mon) 12:39

Hi! If you have an opportunity to visit Manila, please visit Happy Cream Puff!! It’s different from donuts, but very delicious sweets!! The shop is actually located in Las Pinas.

leonor 08-12-29 (Mon) 18:26

Hello Tama, first of all thank you for posting your comment. Oh really you wish to have a trip here in Bacolod for 1 day .. when was that? I have a friend and both of us will guide you if its ok with you. We know that you are a stranger here in Bacolod, we could help you if you wish…

leonor 08-12-29 (Mon) 18:28

Hello Kirin! Thank you for posting your comment… Well, sorry I have’nt gone to Manila for 3 years…I hope by next year I can go there in Happy Cream Puff!…Thanks for this information.

tama 08-12-29 (Mon) 19:46

Dear Leonor

Thank you so much for yr kind reply. I arrive at ILOILO on February 9 morning and will proceed tyo Bacolodo where I will be around before noon. I sent my idea to yr email address. Pls see my email and kindly let me know yr cellar fone number so that I can contact you upon my arrival at bacolodo port.

Pls kindly confirm yr cellar fone number by your email to me. I really appreciate your real kindness and am waiting for yr kind reply.

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