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We are on the 7th falls!!!

  • 2008-06-27 (Fri) 22:35
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こんにちは。元気ですか?この写真はフィリピンの観光地 7つの滝です。7はラッキーナンバーでしょう?セクシーな女の子がいるでしょう?????他の滝はどうでしょうか?次の機会に紹介します。楽しい週末を!

Good day to all blog viewers! How are you today? Have a wonderful day today. By the way, this is only in the Philippines. Such a kind of tourist spot. 7th falls, and no. 7 is a lucky no. don’t you think so? Lucky because on there you seen a sexy ladies. Hehehe! Super nice view all around…What about on the other falls??? Comes up next if there is….Have a nice weekend.

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Ricky 08-06-28 (Sat) 9:05

Thank you for showing us cool fall and ladies, Leonor. Have a nice weekend!

leonor 08-06-28 (Sat) 22:35

hello RIcky! Thank you for posting a comment.It’s my pleasure to post a beautiful pictures on my blog.I hope you are doing well.
Have a nice weekend too.

nido 08-06-29 (Sun) 8:53

And the waterfall of Fukiwari appointed to a natural monument from the Education Ministry on December 16, 1936 falls to 7m in height, width more than 30m brightly, and it is said to the scattered cascade with Oriental Niagara.
Noble lineage of single Shinagawa who drifted on tufa, a riverbed of the granite eroded the soft part of the rock-like character, and this waterfall produced a lot of cracks, and, from the place that it blew, and seem to have been able to break a rock huge, the name of “the waterfall of Fukiwari” was born.

Kirin 08-06-29 (Sun) 16:25

On the way to the mountain where I used to commute, I found the fall “Twin Falls”. I forgot the name of that…

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