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We are on the 7th falls!!!

  • 2008-06-27 (Fri)
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こんにちは。元気ですか?この写真はフィリピンの観光地 7つの滝です。7はラッキーナンバーでしょう?セクシーな女の子がいるでしょう?????他の滝はどうでしょうか?次の機会に紹介します。楽しい週末を!

Good day to all blog viewers! How are you today? Have a wonderful day today. By the way, this is only in the Philippines. Such a kind of tourist spot. 7th falls, and no. 7 is a lucky no. don’t you think so? Lucky because on there you seen a sexy ladies. Hehehe! Super nice view all around…What about on the other falls??? Comes up next if there is….Have a nice weekend.

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