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Debut Party

  • 2008-01-17 (Thu)
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こんにちは!今日はDebut Partyのコメントです。18歳に女の子がなった時に、18本のキャンドルを準備します。男の子も同じです。そして18本のバラを贈ります。ワルツの曲で踊ります。奇麗なバラの花を男の子は、女の子に送ります。女の子と一緒に踊ります。彼女たちどうやって踊るのかわかりません。冗談...ワルツは誕生日にも使われます。ダンスを知らないでは駄目です。

Good day to all blog viewers! By the way, this is the continuation of my comment about Debut Party. If 18 ladies participated of 18 candles, boys do also. They represented for 18 roses. The Debutante or celebrant with an escort dance waltz in the center and each man offer a freshly-cut red beautiful rose, give it to the Debutante and both will dance waltz in the dance floor. All of the 18 men will share their moments of dancing with the Debutante. On this way, we can trace who do not know how to dance. Just kidding… This waltz dance to be performed will do a short practices until it reach the day of the birthday party. So, no excuse that they don’t know the dance. Exactly they know it!!! Have a nice day!

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