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family day

  • 2007-03-10 (Sat)
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こんばんは!ウィークエンドを楽しんでますか?沢山の人が座っています。彼らは学生の保護者です。何の集まりでしょう?ファミリーの日です。食べ物も用意します。娘や息子の親が子供達と一緒に学校で遊びます。それが”family day”です。

Have a pleasant evening blog viewers! Thank God its friday today! I hope you all will enjoy this weekend. By the way, why there is people sitting down in a room? At first, they are parents and others are students. Why they come together? Well, it’s because their family day!!! Do you see, there is also a preparation of food. On this event, daughters and sons of the parents are glad because they spend their time together with them in the school. And a lot of programs related to this “family day” is celebrated and as you can see they are all happy and enjoy. Have a nice day to all!!!

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