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Wonderful Day

  • 2008-03-01 (Sat) 20:10
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Have a pleasant day to all blog viewers! How are you today? Is there something bothering on their minds?, I don’t know what is it. Looking at the clouds and the weather is fine. Hmm, maybe they are thinking to drink coconut juice or look for banana to eat. I hope they have a wonderful day to enjoy.

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hayato 08-03-02 (Sun) 10:02


Leonor 08-03-08 (Sat) 13:46

Good day Hayato! Sorry for my late reply. In general, Filipinos have beautiful eyes. Don’t you think so? If they will be given the right to education then they will have the future of their dreams.

hayato 08-03-08 (Sat) 14:33


Leonor 08-03-09 (Sun) 9:58

Hello Hayato! I don’t think so that all of children will be given the good education they want. You know that Philippines is suffering from economic crisis and political crisis. Poverty is the main problem of the society. I think out of 100% only 40% can have a good education. Good day to you!

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