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Eating by Hand

  • 2008-02-28 (Thu) 21:12
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こんにちは!元気ですか?フィリピンの食べるスタイルで、特に田舎では手で食べます。”masarap kumain pag nakakamay!”意味は、手で食べると美味しいです。貴方のスタイルではありませんね。レストランにはそのスタイルはありません。

Good day to all blog viewers! How are you today? By the way, this is filipino style of eating especially in the province. Using of hands when eating usually their impression is “masarap kumain pag nakakamay!” which means good to taste when using of hands. I know this is not your style maybe weird to you. It should not be practice on occasions and on restaurants.

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