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Goods in the Booth

  • 2008-02-06 (Wed) 21:14
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Good day to all blog viewers! Mabuhay Philippines because we are here in Sari-sari booths. They sell different kinds of goods such as bags, wallets, ponytails, cellphone cases and etc. An affordable price for everybody. Anyway, lots of us especially women like to give souvenirs and like to collect these stuffs for personal use and display them in the room. Actually they would be feel grateful if they receive it from a man/suitor. Try to think about this stuff! Valentines Day is coming!

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Ricky 08-02-07 (Thu) 0:31

Aloha, Leonor!
Valentine’s day is coming! I’ve almost forgotten it.

Leonor 08-02-07 (Thu) 21:19

Hello Ricky! Be thankful to me coz I reminded you. I hope you will enjoy together with your date on this Valentines Day! Good luck!

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