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Three Sisters

  • 2008-02-05 (Tue) 21:49
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Have a pleasant day blog viewers! Orphanage is not anymore new to you. This can be find around the world since Christ birth. During the old time children who stayed in the orphanage were beggars and street children. Anyway, these children are siblings. Each of them have different character and behavior towards each other. And there comes a time that they have misunderstanding and that’s what you call sibling rivalry. This can’t be avoided because even they are children yet they also have feelings. Sometimes envy is the main cause of this problem. So you caregivers if you are taking care of sibling, be fair to all.

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Kirin 08-02-06 (Wed) 14:46

Hi! Leonor!
Caregivers are working not only for old people! I see. It’s also the important job to care kids.
I’m flying to Bacolod today. Oh! Nice place again!

Leonor 08-02-06 (Wed) 20:42

Hello Kirin! I welcome you to my home town. Please enjoy staying here in Bacolod. Have a nice day!

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