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Bump Car

  • 2008-01-06 (Sun) 23:13
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Have a good day blog viewers! How are you there? By the way, I don’t experienced such stuff like this riding in a bump car in an amusement. Maybe this stuff is fun especially your lots of friends riding altogether and have their own car. Renting a car for 30 minutes costs P30. Teenagers most likely this stuff. What about you? You wanna try to ride also?

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Ricky 08-01-07 (Mon) 8:52

In youth, I used to ride this kind of cart when going on a date with girl friends. Now I’m old already.

Leonor 08-01-07 (Mon) 19:11

hello Ricky! No longer a teenager and different kind of happiness you are into. I hope you still enjoying yourself. No regrets at all. Stay happy and cool.

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