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  • 2008-01-05 (Sat) 20:25
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Hello to all blog viewers! I hope all of you are doing well for this year begins. By the way, a lot of you maybe have been here in the Philippines and already traveled on the airplane Philippine Airlines, in short PAL. The promo rate of fare almost about P1,700 to P1,900. This is the lowest promo price it offers but the regular price about P2,700 to P3,500. Very affordable and your at peace of mind when you ride to this airplane. You are surely at safe until to your destination. So, when you are planning to go on Philippine provinces, don’t hesitate to take PAL service. Its best for you!!!

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Kirin 08-01-06 (Sun) 11:08

Oh! This is NAIA?
Last year I frequently took PAL between Manila and Bacolod. PAL is very good.

Leonor 08-01-06 (Sun) 16:19

Hello kirin! You are absolutely right, feel comfortable while traveled on this plane. I hope you will patronize the service of PAL going here in Bacolod.

fisher 08-01-06 (Sun) 21:40

A happy new year lonor. I went to the Philippines many times so far, but I haven’t took PAL. I want to try PAL at the next chance.

Leonor 08-01-07 (Mon) 19:17

Hello Fisher! Good day to you! Well that’s good if you try PAL service. This is for your own convenience I am sure you will love to ride in PAL.

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