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  • 2007-09-30 (Sun) 23:02
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Have a good day blog viewers! How’s your day today? By the way, this girl’s name is Melimar, 20 years of age. A caregiver student of Lifeline Health Institute of Bacolod City. She has the height of 5’3″ and weighing 95 lbs. Her vital statistics is 34-24-35. Is this your beat to be one of the contestant in Masskara Queen Festival? Don’t you know that Bacolod City will celebrate the Masskara Festival this coming October 1-20. And searching for masskara queen is part of the said event. I hope you guys will share your time celebrating this event. Have a nice weekend!

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Ricky 07-10-01 (Mon) 7:41

Hi, Melimar
I’m Ricky living in Hawaii. I’d like to vote you for masskara queen.

Leonor 07-10-01 (Mon) 21:02

Hello Ricky! Thanks for posting a comment. So you mean she is capable to be one of the contestant. She has the beauty that she can be proud of.

Ricky 07-10-04 (Thu) 6:00

Yup, I meant it. She’s beautiful. And I think you also are eligible for queen, Leonor.

kirin 07-10-06 (Sat) 4:30

Hi. I also have a friend, who has finished Caregiver course at Lifeline. She is also a very good girl. I like people in Bacolod.

Leonor 07-10-09 (Tue) 15:40

Hello Kirin! What a small world we have. And you know very well about Lifeline Institution. It so nice that you have friend having a caregiver course. If you might need help, you can seek advice to her. Have a good day!

Leonor 07-10-09 (Tue) 15:42

Hello Ricky! You make my day wonderfu! I am able to smile now upon reading your comment. Thank you again for your compliment!

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