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  • 2007-09-28 (Fri) 11:20
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Have a good day blog viewers! How are you today? Have you seen a baby during his first day after birth? Actually, this is the first day of the baby, and he is placed in the nursery room. In private hospitals, babies are separated to their mothers. They are feed through bottled milk. The baby is given 24 hours to stay in the hospital for observation if he/she is ok. Unlike public hospitals, babies feed through their mother’s breast. If the baby is sick and hungry, temporarily, he/she will bring by the nurse to his/her mother and time for breast feeding. If the baby is ok, 24 hours lying down beside her mother. Both hospitals strictly following the policy of 1 day stay of both mother and a baby, after that permitted to leave.

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Ricky 07-09-29 (Sat) 7:18

I want a cute baby.
Have a nice weekend, Leonor!

Leonor 07-09-29 (Sat) 17:00

Aloha Ricky! Have a nice weekend also! Pretty wife + cute husband= cute bab

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