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May I copy your answer???

  • 2008-06-29 (Sun) 22:11
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Have a good day blog viewers! How’s your weekend? By the way, classes from monday to friday is always busy. Students keep on studying everyday even on school canteen. Just like them, this is an hour of recess time. Students are also in a hurry to copy assignments from their classmates. I hope the owner of their assignment is correctly done.

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nido 08-06-30 (Mon) 11:43

With education, people grow better, and society draws the ability that the person has thereby again so that maintenance develops and works on I let you wear it newly.
By the place where activity is performed, it is classified roughly for home training / school education / social education.

hiroaki 08-06-30 (Mon) 21:55

Siyempre. You can copy but don’t forget to clean up the table before you go, kids. What grade are they in? Is this a private school or a public? I’m intersested in the educational scenes in the Philippines. Salamt po, Leonor.

Leonor 08-06-30 (Mon) 22:32

Hello Hiroaki, they are high school students. This is a private school of course. By the way , “Clean up before you go”, the vicinity area where they do their assignment is in the canteen.

Leonor 08-06-30 (Mon) 22:38

Hello Nido, yes I agreed to you. In general education is wealth. Your future lies on your education. If you are a bachelor’s degree you can have what you want in your life. This is the best gift we could give to our parents, our college diploma.

hiroaki 08-07-01 (Tue) 22:13

Salamat po sa “response” mo, Leonor.

Leonor 08-07-02 (Wed) 19:53

Hello Hiroaki! You are welcome.. I’m glad you’re on to up to date of my blog na.

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