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Mass Dance


Have a great day blog viewers! I hope everyone are ok. By the way, there are people do along the way, just like them they dance when everybody keeps on moving. They cannot stop themselves but also do what others are doing. This just for a meantime where they showed themselves to enjoy. Have a nice day!

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Special Number


Good day to all blog viewers! This is another special number which the audience really kept on smiling. I don’t know why? Is there anything wrong with their dance or the persons there is not suited to dance? I hope you can recognized why the audience laughed..Have a good day!

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Talented girl in Canada


Wish I have a talent like her, she is singing a song dedicated to all Seniors celebrating their birthdays on the month of July here in Montreal. This is exclusive only for Filipinos living here. Such a wonderful presentation for the Filipino community because of their presence. Have a nice day to all!

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Home > Archives > 2009-07


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