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Sea Games

  • 2005-11-27 (Sun)
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こんにちは!元気ですか?私も元気いっぱいです。最初に、乗客を見てください。彼らは全部、ラサール大学の学生です。彼らたちで満席になってます。何処に行ってるか分かりますか?パナアドスタジアムで行われるSEA GAMEの一つを見に行ってます。スポーツを見に行く事は、授業より大切です。エスケープ?決してそんな事はしません。

Good afternoon to all viewers!How are you there? Hope all of you are in good condition…About me I am very much fine! First, take a look with the passengers. They are all students in La Salle. They occupied all the seats and do you know where they will go? They united as one to watch SEA Games in Panaad stadium. Watching sports is important than attending their class. They escape??? Never experience like that…

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Working Student

  • 2005-11-26 (Sat)
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After class, I went to the second floor of the building and I want to download files on my flash disk…and I found this student like me. I ask her who is incharge to do what I need. She presented herself to do it because that time is her on duty as working student. I found her approachable and friendly because I ask her can I have a picture of you and she said it is ok. For me, she has a good character,not hard to approach.

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23rd Sea Games

  • 2005-11-25 (Fri)
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football game venue is in Panaad Stadium where audience take time to watch Philippine team versus Thailand. I am one of the audience and the game is very matched.Unluckily Philippine team lost on the game with score 10.

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