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Busy Day

  • 2008-02-25 (Mon) 15:59
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Good day to all blog viewers! The whole Philippines is celebrating the Edsa Revolution Day. Everyone is praying for peace throughout the country. By the way, even it’s a rest day, yet they are busy doing their chores. You won’t see this in the city, because people in the city buy water in order to wash clothes. Anytime they can get water for free. I hope I can get free also.

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Ricky 08-02-26 (Tue) 11:18

Happy Revolution Day, Leonor!
They don’t drink river water used for washing, do they?

Leonor 08-02-26 (Tue) 13:47

Hello Ricky! Good afternoon to you! Of course they don’t, coz’ they use to drink clean water. Not came from the river.

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