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Nokia N70 Music Edition

  • 2008-02-22 (Fri) 14:40
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Have a good day blog viewers! How are you today? By the way, this is my new cellphone. I bought a new one because I was snatched a month ago. What had happened? I was riding in a jeepney and a guy sat beside me, he was good looking. So I don’t think that he is a snatcher coz far from his face and looks. I always put my cellphone inside my bag. I just discovered it that I lost my cellphone when I had to pay my transportation fee. But that time the guy got down already from the jeepney. So I learned a lesson at that day. Beware of snatcher whether he is good looking or not try. Be suspicious to a stranger around you. Don’t trust.

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hayato 08-02-23 (Sat) 17:02


Leonor 08-02-24 (Sun) 17:44

Hello Hayato! Good day to you! Thank you for posting your comment. I am really careful after that incident. it depends on the type of cellphone, more or less second hand can be buy on lower prices. So if he sells it, he will offer it to lower price.

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