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A Hard-working Mom

  • 2008-02-16 (Sat) 8:51
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Good day to all blog viewers! Have a nice weekend to all! This is a single Mom working as sales agent of PLDT. Receiving a minimum wage P300 per day, aside from her salary she has also the commission from sales she selling out. Even Saturday she goes to her client to deliver the unit that was ordered from her. Spending her time to her family is lesser compare to other working moms.She is hard up for this situation coz’ she has the family to feed up. But one thing for sure, she’s happy together with her kids.

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Hayato 08-02-17 (Sun) 12:34


Leonor 08-02-18 (Mon) 9:32

Good morning Hayato! Sorry for my late reply, well as a single mother you have to give everything what are the needs of the kids especially to their education. You have to support them all the way. But the case of her she receives P7,500 monthly plus the commission amounting to P6,000. Sometimes more than her salary she receive from commission. Maybe this is enough for her. Thanks for posting your comment.

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