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  • 2008-02-11 (Mon) 20:02
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Have a good day blog viewers! Don’t you know that teenagers fad is motorcycle. This is a Honda XRM 125 costs P56,000 cash 2 years ago. I don’t know the latest price but maybe it increases to 3% annually. Available in different colors and in any Honda Stores. I know Japan is the no.1 manufacturer. Isn’t it? Filipinos sell this motorcycle with free model…but you have to pay triple of its original price. Hehehe!!!

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Ricky 08-02-12 (Tue) 12:20

I take it and her!

Leonor 08-02-12 (Tue) 20:28

Hello Ricky! How are you today? That’s nice she has an appeal to you! What service do you use when working?

Ricky 08-02-13 (Wed) 10:13

Hi, Leonor! I’m very fine.
Service? Singing a duet and talking about all sorts of things including love. That’s all.

Leonor 08-02-13 (Wed) 10:34

Hello Ricky! I mean your means of transportation going to your job site. This is it.

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