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Kung Hei Fat Choi

  • 2008-02-08 (Fri) 22:18
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ハッピーニューイヤー チャイニーズフィリピーノ!彼らにとっては、今年はねずみ年です。この写真は、ドラムの音に合わせて踊る、ドラゴンダンスです。厄払いの意味があります。貴方も旧正月を祝いますか?どんな食事を用意するのでしょうか?シューマイ???楽しい旧正月を!

Happy New Year to all Chinese-Filipinos! They believed that this year of the rat. By the way, this is a dragon dance with beating of the drum. They tell that it takes away the bad luck that might going to happen. Anyway, are you celebrating also? What Chinese food you prepare? I’d known one of it, Shiomai??? Enjoy the celebration!

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Anonymous 08-02-08 (Fri) 22:47


kirin 08-02-09 (Sat) 16:35

Hi! I’m already back to Manila. I stayed at L Fisher hotel in Bacolod. At the hotel lobby, they also had Dragon Dance on Friday evening. Also somewhere on Lacson street, restaurants spread tables and I found a stage for some performance. That’s nice!

Ricky 08-02-10 (Sun) 1:48

The new design of the front page is so cool. GJ, Admin!

Leonor 08-02-10 (Sun) 18:30

Hello Anonymous! Sorry po! I will do my best of what you like.

Leonor 08-02-10 (Sun) 18:35

Hello Kirin! Welcome back in Manila! I know you enjoyed your stay here in Bacolod. I hope you will invite your other friend to come along with you here for your next time trip. Good luck!

Leonor 08-02-10 (Sun) 18:37

Hello Ricky! Thank you for your compliment! I hope I can create more attractive than before. This is for all of you!

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