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Home of Hope

  • 2008-01-31 (Thu) 22:24
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Have a pleasant day to all blog viewers! Why I entitled this to Home Of Hope? Actually this is the name of the orphanage where these little children are living. This institution wants to give hope to them. About 33 children are at present and most of them are elementary students. They are abandoned and neglected by their parents/family. They have sponsors who are living abroad, they all cater the needs of these kids. Through them the future of these kids lie on their sponsorship. For you guys who are generous and kind and are financially capable to support and willing to help, please don’t hesitate to be one of the sponsors. You are very much welcome on this institution.

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nido 08-06-29 (Sun) 10:37

I take care of my baby why and will abandon it.
I will bear the child whom why is.
Why is it and will not prevent conception.
For pleasure and the work of a stupid adult
Children do not have the crime.
Children have the cheerful future.

Where will be the Home of Hope?

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