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Piolo Pascual

  • 2007-07-01 (Sun) 22:31
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こんばんは!元気ですか?フィリピン人の俳優、歌手としてもよく知られているPiolo Pascual、The Hunks と 今 “The Hearthrob”2つのグループのメンバーです。今夜のコンサートではABS?CBNのテレビ番組のテーマソングを唄いました。. Esperanza, Sa Piling Mo, Nandito Ako, Walang Kapalit, Maging Sino Ka Man, Kailangan Kita and Sana Maulit Muliなどです。また彼のアルバムThe Giftの歌も唄いました。最近フィリピンの映画でも彼は有名です。ベスト男優賞も受賞しました。ところで、ピオロの隣に居るコメディアンPokwangの私はファンです。次のブログでは彼を紹介します。

Good day blog viewers! How’s your day? By the way, here is Philippine actor, as well as singer, Piolo Pascual. He was part of a male group dubbed as “The Hunks” and now “The Hearthrob”. At the night of the concert, he sings all the theme song of his latest tele-series movie he had in ABS-CBN Channel such as Esperanza, Sa Piling Mo, Nandito Ako, Walang Kapalit, Maging Sino Ka Man, Kailangan Kita and Sana Maulit Muli.But above all this, he sing also his album ” The Gift”. Recently, he is very famous in Philippine Movie Industry. And also received awards such as the best actor and male best performer artist. He is at the peak of his career now. By the way, aside from Piolo, that I admired from his performance, I also had fun with Pokwang the comedian of the concert. I will share this for the next blog that I will post. Have a nice day!

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hiroaki 07-07-02 (Mon) 11:59

Hi, Leonor. Kumusta po kayo. How was your weekend? Mine was a kind of busy one. Now a days, I am interested in OPMs. I want to listen to them and memoralize some songs. Piolo must be a very good singer. I want to be “heart-throbbed” by his songs. I also want to know the meanings of the tittles of his songs you introduced on the brog. please transfer the tittles into English for me, Leonor. Have a nice week.

Leonor 07-07-02 (Mon) 23:13

Hello Hiroaki! Good evening to you. These are his songs translated to English.Esperanza still same, Nandito ako-I am here, Walang Kapalit-Nobody Else, Maging Sino Ka Man-No matter who you are, Kailangan Kita- I need You, Sana Maulit Muli- Hope it will happenagain. Now, you got the English title, I hope it will help you! Have a nice day !

hiroaki 07-07-02 (Mon) 23:40

Maraming salamat po, Leonor. Of course it will help me a lot. Here in Japan, I have a very narrow way to access to OPM. One certain way is to find them on the I.N. by typing in the names of the songs. Thank very much again. I’ll search for them maybe on the You Tube.

leonor 07-07-03 (Tue) 19:58

hello Hiroaki! Good evening! Well,your welcome you can download songs also if you have the limewire software.Then you can have collection of opm songs for free if you want. Good day!

hiroaki 07-07-04 (Wed) 14:23

Thanks for the advice again. I don’t have “limewire” now. Probably, I will try to get it first. Thanks. By the way, I listened to a song named “Bakit ngayon ka lang”. And the singer, I forgot the name, was maganda and galing. I liked her song very much. Have a nice day.

Leonor 07-07-04 (Wed) 19:00

Hello Hiroaki! Yes,I agree to you! It’s a good song by Ogie and Pops…It is a duet song.

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