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Peanut Vender

  • 2007-04-20 (Fri) 13:04
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こんばんは!元気ですか?この写真何かわかりますか?ピーナッツ ベンダーの写真です。ダウンタウンでよく見かけます。リゾートでも見かけます。生活費を稼ぐ為に行なっています。でも充分ではありません。サック単位で売れれば良いでしょうが...ピーナッツを売ってお金持ちになった話もあります。

Have a pleasant evening blog viewers! How’s your day? By the way, what have you seen in the picture? This is a peanut vendor , they are usually seen in the downtown places. But some of them are just around the resort. They sell peanuts as a source of their livelihood but for others an extra income . This is a kind of job doesn’t really have a lot in return but out of luck they maybe have an order by sack. There are also stories from rag to riches that brought out of selling peanuts. Will you want to be like this? I hope not at all.

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Ricky 07-04-21 (Sat) 4:33

He looks very young. I like to eat peanuts when drinking beer but don’t like sell them. Have a nice day, Leonor!

Leonor 07-04-22 (Sun) 11:23

Aloha Ricky! A lot of young kids here in Philippines know how to find money for a living.
If they will not find ways, they have nothing at all. Have a nice day too Ricky!

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