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学校のアウト リーチ プログラム

  • 2006-07-29 (Sat) 22:26
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Hello blog viewers! Good evening to all of you! I hope all of you are doing fine. Once and for all, beside regular school days, students are given the chance to undergo community work. This is one of the outreach program of school to help and support government projects. What are they doing??? This tree planting outreach program is a big contribution to prevent the calamity hazards like the flood. On this area, when there is a typhoon, the community is experiencing flood and the government make a way how to solve this kind of problem. So the school itself participates regarding this project. “A problem must be acted upon in able to solve it”. What do you think?

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Jolly Roger 06-07-30 (Sun) 11:24

Hello,Miss Leonor ! Good evening too.

I think so that the Action solves a problem.

Children study in greed and take in knowledge.
However, there is not society making use of the knowledge.
The government gets rid of corruption and partiality and must make an effort so that nation each one becomes slightly rich.
The present government will be responsible for these children in the future.
I know that Philippine peoples work so hard and think of a family and do their best.
“What is worth doing is worth doing well”

Leonor 06-07-30 (Sun) 12:32

Hello Jolly Rogers! Good morning to you! Each Filipino striving hard to be able to give a good future for their children. They think of their family first rather than recreation. But what happens now in Philippine gov’t is that some officials don’t care anymore about its people. Only few chosen officials are doing their duty to develop the nation. So, filipinos no need to wait for the government to act…each filipino should be responsible for themselves how to develop its living. No need to rely on government. I think so!

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