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  • 2006-07-16 (Sun) 16:01
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ハロー!こんばんは!石油産業における巨大企業の1つはCaltexです。 同社には、それらの分野で提供するいろいろな事があります。 数種類のガソリンがあります。 自動車を運転している人の問題はディル、ガソリン、および他の石油製品の割増値段です。 いま高くなっています。 ディーゼルの1リットルはP37.27です、そして、ガソリンはP47.38です。

Hello blog viewers! Good evening to all of you. I hope all of you are doing fine. One of the giant companies in oil business is Caltex. This company has a lot to offer in their field. They have different engine oil for sale. The main problem of common motorist is the increased price of diesel, gasoline and other petroleum product. It jumps from a low price to a higher price. It’s per liter of diesel is P37.27 and gasoline is P47.38.

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Jolly Roger 06-07-16 (Sun) 21:34

Hello,Miss Leonor !
Thank you for always pleasant blog.
I ‘m always enjoying and reading.
The price of gasoline is raised like Japan.
Please send the every day of the Philippines .
So,always take care and
Kaawaan ka ng Diyos !

Leonor 06-07-16 (Sun) 22:13

Hi Jolly Roger! This is your first time posting a comment from my blog…well, thank your for your initiative reading my blog. I am glad you are up to date with it. Yorushiko oneggaishimasu! Take care!

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