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  • 2006-04-27 (Thu) 22:38
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Nowadays, women are more concerned in their health especially in their body weight and structure, so one of the solution is to do an exercise… walking is a form of exercise, it keeps you in good shape. Filipina women, are aware that obese people are prone to health dangers… so to overcome this kind of obesity, exercise is a good solution and diet… but most of us can’t really control of our eating habit…so another option is the walking workout . It is good to know that Filipinas are concerned on their health and we should be like that… because if we compare ourselves with the other people of the world, women’s form of exercise is by walking and going to the gym. Good to know that we, Filipinas are health conscious in that way we prevent having any health complications.

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Home > Uncategorized > フィリピン女性の健康法


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