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beef ribs barbeque and macaroni & cheese

  • 2010-04-24 (Sat) 9:12
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Good day to all blog viewers! For a long time I did not upload my blog, I’m so sorry I was too busy from my work. I hope all of you are doing well. By the way, here in Canada, well-known side dish is the Macaroni & Cheese. Have you tried this? And of course, the beef ribs barbeque the main dish for supper. I know you had this before in the Philippines or from any Asian countries or even North American countries. So delicious!!! Raw or well done??? Which do you like? I hope you will try to eat this if you haven’t tried it before. Surely you will love it! Have a nice weekend to all!

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Ricky 10-04-25 (Sun) 12:59

Long time no see! How’s it going?
I’ve moved to southern California from Hawaii.
Ya, I love well-done beef BBQ with beer.
They relieve my day’s fatigue!!

prutas13 10-04-26 (Mon) 7:25

I was worrying very much too for a long time because there was not upload.
you were cheerful, I felt relieved.

leonor 10-05-01 (Sat) 10:00

Hello Ricky! Sorry for my late reply. How’s your place, I mean Southern California? Do you still have busy time for work there?

leonor 10-05-01 (Sat) 10:01

Hello prutas13, sorry for my late reply! Yes too long nothing on my blog. But now I can upload. Thank you for viewing my blog!

Home > Food > beef ribs barbeque and macaroni & cheese


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