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Winter Season….

Good day to all blog viewers! How is everybody? I hope everybody is doing well. By the way, we are experiencing winter season here. The season having the shortest days and the lowest average temperatures, which have the coldest weather. This corresponds to the months of December, January, February and March. Warm clothing we usually wear to combat or to overcome the coldness. I hope everyone is ready there too in Japan.

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Kirin 09-12-23 (Wed) 16:02

Yes! It’s already very cold here in Japan. I normally wear leather overcoat.
Maybe, there in Montreal should be much colder than here.
I hope you will survive.

Leonor 09-12-26 (Sat) 0:11

Hello Kirin, sorry for my late reply. Yes, always negative the temperature here. Colder than ever!

Home > Uncategorized > Winter Season….


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