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  • 2006-04-03 (Mon) 19:42
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卒業は彼らの学校での責任が終わりました。しかしながら彼らにはまた別の責任が彼らを待ち受けています。卒業した後でもまだプログラミングの作成で忙しいです。学生は時々一晩中する事もあります。それを考えます。そしてプログラムが動きます。いろいろ行動が変わってきます。このプロジェクトのせいです。他の人が私の友達に、気楽に、落ち着いて....パニックにならないでと言います。貴方のグループが協力して出来ていないとき、どうやって貴方は気を静めますか?締め切りが近づいてきます。大変協力的にうまくサポート出来れば成功するでしょう! 私達はやり遂げました。

Graduates almost done their responsibilities in school however as they move on there is still another responsibilities waiting ahead of them…What about for the undergraduates, still busy making project of programming. Sometimes sleepless nights for the students thinking and doing about it…how it will run the program. Behavioral character changes because of this damn project. Others might say take it easy my friend, be calm…don’t panic! How can you stay calm if your groupmates don’t cooperate with you? As the deadline approaching, there you are very supportive and well-cooperate…then all is success! Congratulations we done it!

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&xyz 06-04-05 (Wed) 10:53

Good morning Leonor! How are you doing today? Hope you are fine though there might be HOT! So you have finished your project, ha? Good job, Leonor!

Leonor 06-04-05 (Wed) 15:05

Good afternoon &xyz! I am fine and class vacation is starting today…Yup, almost finished and nothing bothers me anymore…very well relax…How about u?

&xyz 06-04-05 (Wed) 18:40

Good evening, Leonor! Yes, I’m fine as well. Today was a holiday here. So your class vacation has started, ha? Any plans? Anyway, I hope you will have good vacations there!

Leonor 06-04-05 (Wed) 20:21

Good evening &xyz! That is my problem I cannot spend my vacation because I will still go on summer class for one subject…this coming April 10 is enrollment schedule. I will not enjoy my summer vacation na! Huhuhu!

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